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38 Tweets From People Watching "Our Planet" Who Are Not At All Okay

"For the first time in human history, the stability of nature cannot be taken for granted." —David Attenborough

If you haven't watched yet, Netflix's Our Planet is an eight-part series narrated by BBC host and nature documentary icon David Attenborough.

1. First off, people are loving David Attenborough and his expert narration.

I'm watching #OurPlanet and I've decided, enough is enough, it's time to put David Attenborough in charge of the World.


David Attenborough telling you he’s not mad he’s just disappointed.


The new Planet Earth is just 8 hours of stunning and beautiful footage set the soundtrack of an increasingly frustrated David Attenborough desperately telling us to please, for the love of god, stop fucking killing our planet


Watching Our Planet. I say it every time, but David Attenborough is so remarkable. I feel actual shame when he comments on how much we’re destroying the planet. Like I’ve disappointed a parent.

5. Some people found the show to be highly relatable.

Watching the new David Attenborough series on Netflix. He says "Some females are capable of raising the babies completely alone which gives the males time to attract more females" and if that doesn't sum up my last relationship, I don't know what does.


Watching Our Planet's episode on Antarctica and its like: Close-up of king penguin: majestic bird. impeccable plumage. metallic sheen over abstract color pattern. truly magnificent creature. Close-up of elephant seal:

7. And hard to look away from.

Our Planet on Netflix has me not blinking 👀👁


Watching David Attenborough’s “Our Planet” and now my tan is all patchy and streaky 😭😭

9. While some people couldn't believe what they were hearing.

am I hearing/reading this correctly?!?! 60% in 50 years?! #OurPlanet

10. Overall, the series is a huge emotional roller coaster.

[watching Our Planet] The baby wildebeest is the perfect meal for a hunting dog Me: ): The baby wildebeest needs to catch up the the herd or it will be a meal Me: )): The baby is now safe with its herd Me: (: The hunting dog will not eat today Me: ):


I don’t want the seals to die but I want the polar bear to eat 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #OurPlanet


Me: Aw how cute I bet there are only like 100 left in the world because humans are shitty. David Attenborough: There are only 100 left in the world. Me: (shouting at the TV like it’s sports) SEE! I knew it! God I fucking hate humans!


The wildebeest calf after outrunning a pack of wild dogs. #OurPlanet


What it feels like watching OUR PLANET Show: Look at this amazing creature, and the amazing surroundings planet earth has made. Me: Omg it so beautiful. Show: It will be gone in 20 years if we don't do something. Me: Nooooooo #ourplanet #netflix


@jaboukie bruh right when i’m enthralled by the beauty of a bird that just did THE MOST to get a mate, David Attenborough informs me that 90% of its home is gone...


Watching Netflix’s Our Planet. Narrator: here are some polar bears! Me: :) Narrator: the cubs are starving and their home is melting Me: :(((((((((((((((((((((((

17. Viewers were here for the gaggle of bro-birds:

Watching birds dance and impress their mates on Our Planet (Netflix) is the funniest shit ever.


The bro energy coming from these dancing birds in #OurPlanet episode 1 is too powerful.


Literal wingmen. If you know, you know. #ourplanet #davidattenborough #netflix

20. I was seriously impressed with how beautifully high-definition all of the scenes were, and I wasn't alone.

Watching #OurPlanet on @netflix. Is this some Pixar shit? How do they get these moving shots?!


#OurPlanet on Netflix is just beautiful and confirms that humans are the worst (though props to the humans who shot this exquisite series).


#OurPlanet on Netflix is a visual spectacle at 100 times the scale of Planet Earth, with a raw and responsible script showing the human impact on the environment and the need for urgent action. Recommend 💯

23. Hearts broke into tiny little pieces when watching the baby flamingo get left behind.

Watching #OurPlanet and seeing that baby flamingo being left behind got me


Who else watched the first episode of Our Planet on Netflix and sobbed while watching that little baby flamingo with the salt-laden legs struggle to keep up with the rest of the flock 😭😭😭😭😭😭


I’ve started watching #ourplanet about 15 minutes ago and I’m already having an emotional breakdown over a baby flamingo. God dammit...


Watching the baby flamingo in #OurPlanet

27. And, yeah, the ending to Episode 2 (the walruses) had people absolutely losing it.

Burst into tears watching #OurPlanet , that walrus scene was the most harrowing thing I've ever seen on a documentary. But well done #netflix, sometimes the heartbreaking scenes are what will inspire people to make a difference


I can confirm, watching walrus’ fall to their death from cliffs is probs the saddest thing of my year so far wow I’m honestly scarred 😢 #OurPlanet


The walrus ending of episode 2 of #OurPlanet is the saddest wildlife sequence I've ever seen. Fuck



31. But perhaps most of all, people were feeling a slew of emotions.


GO WATCH OUR PLANET RIGHT NOW ON NETFLIX . Shit scary like wow we really ruined earth smh


everyone should watch our planet on netflix


If you have time the “our planet” documentary... 💞💞 I’m just here bawling my eyes out at the beauty and how much we have abused it 😰😰


Our Planet on Netflix is so good! Just watched the first episode so beautiful I love our planet so freakin much. Sad that some humans take it for granted and just ruin it without seeing the beauty

36. And people are moved to actually go out and do something.


Watching #OurPlanet is the worst and the best experience. Devastating yet brilliant, I’m in awe of our planet. What legacy do we want to leave to future generations of humans and wildlife? That’s what we must ask ourselves.

Have you seen Our Planet? What ~emotions~ did you feel? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!