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New Zealand Gets Its Own "Jersey Shore" Called "The GC"

The GC is about to be New Zealand's hottest new reality series that's "about a group of Kiwis trying chasing their dream on the Gold Coast." I guess there really are guidos everywhere.

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Okay, I'll bite: please, somebody tell us about the cast of the GC!

Talented and ambitious, the GC cast are chasing the good life on the Gold Coast. Some live together, some work together but they all play together. This series offers a fascinating insight into the lives of nine young and successful Maori.

Every year thousands of Maori are drawn to the glamour and good life that the Gold Coast offers them. And it’s not hard to see why. The warm climate, big paying jobs and cheaper living lures them there, and keeps them there.

The GC is where Australia comes to play and party. The famed Surfer’s Paradise strip is lined with high rise apartments and hotels, and crowded with clubs and bars. It’s hugely competitive and young Maori are striving to reach the top.

Fine, fine — but will there be a Snooki character? Judging by the following pouf, it appears the answer is yes:

A promo for the show:

A promo for the show:

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And a "handy" guide to dating in the GC, courtesy of a bro named Tame:


Tame has an impressive hit rate with the ladies. The only single GCer in 'the whare', he has a silver tongue when it comes to chatting up the 'aunties'. Check out Tame's guide to dating in The GC.

Happy hunting.


1 - The best place to pick up aunties in The GC is Surfers or Broadbeach night clubs.

2 - Found a hot auntie? The perfect first date is a nice dinner at a restaurant overlooking the beach.

3 - Always pay for dinner. Don't want the aunties thinking you're a cheap date!

4 - When you wind up on the date from hell, take the first chance you get to jump in a cab and gap! Heaps more fish in the sea!

5 - Always wait three days plus to call an auntie....unless you're drunk haha!


1 - The way to get a bro's attention....short dress or shorts. We love long legs!

2 - Hope you've been putting in the hours at the gym....GC bros are after legs, good ass and a good cook.

3 - Make sure you keep up appearances if you want to snap up a GC guy. Biggest turn off is girls that don't look after themselves physically.

4 - Don't be afraid to call the guy. We want to know that you're keen.

5 - You can tell that I bro is serious about you if he prefers to chill with you rather than watch footy with the boys.

This, by the way, is Tame:

And last but not least, the GC has created a handy guide to help you talk like GC-er:

And last but not least, the GC has created a handy guide to help you talk like GC-er:


It looks like a winner.

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