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Updated on Aug 25, 2020. Posted on May 2, 2013

Morph Your Face Into Lindsay Lohan's

WARNING: The results may terrify you.

In honor of Lindsay Lohan checking into rehab today, we thought it only right to pay homage to the starlet by using FaceStealer, an app that morphs your face with someone else's. Hold on to your pantaloons.

Presenting BuzzFeed editors as Lindsay Lohan.

Lauren Yapalater and Dave Stopera

Jack Shepherd and Alanna Okun (special appearance by Peggy Wang)

Summer Anne Burton and Dorsey Shaw

Matt Bellassai and Rachel Horner

Whitney Jefferson and Tommy Wesely

Scott Lamb and Tanner Ringerud

Horrifying, right? Here's how to make your own.

First, download the free FaceStealer app on your apple device. When it opens, you'll need to search for a new mask. Hit "Search Masks" and enter a person. We chose Lindsay.

Scroll through the photos to find the one you like the most (though close-ups work best). Select the face postions and click "Create Mask."

Select your mask and take a selfie! Just try not to gasp at what is looking back at you on your phone. Take a picture and add it in the comments — we want to see!

h / t globochem.

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