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    Leonardo DiCaprio Met Greta Thunberg And I'm So Ready For Them To Save The Planet Together

    Here's hoping for a collab.

    If you are one of Leonardo DiCaprio's 37.3 million followers, then you probably saw him upload a rare photo of himself and 16-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg late last week.

    If you don't follow him, you wouldn't know that the appearance of Leo on his own Instagram is actually a rare sighting because he usually reposts environmental calls to action and other news about the climate. Basically, his grid generally looks like this:

    Leonardo DiCaprio / / Via =

    So imagine my excitement when I saw a rare Leo IG appearance combined with the presence of my personal hero Greta Thunberg?! Put this photo in the Louvre!

    Leonardo DiCaprio /

    Calling Greta "a leader of our time," Leo wrote a long Instagram caption about his time with the environmental activist. He said, "There are few times in human history where voices are amplified at such pivotal moments and in such transformational ways."

    Nurphoto / Getty Images

    "History will judge us for what we do today to help guarantee that future generations can enjoy the same livable planet that we have so clearly taken for granted."

    Micah Garen / Getty Images

    "It is because of Greta, and young activists everywhere that I am optimistic about what the future holds."

    Michael Campanella / Getty Images

    "I hope that Greta’s message is a wake-up call to world leaders everywhere that the time for inaction is over."

    Nicholas Kamm / Getty Images

    He ended his caption by saying it was "an honor" to spend time with Greta, and that they had "made a commitment to support one another, in hopes of securing a brighter future for our planet."

    Leonardo DiCaprio /

    As for more specifics of their visit, we'll have to wait and see. Here's hoping for a collaboration between the two environmental activists that'll make people as excited to save the planet as Leo was excited to dance in The Wolf of Wall Street:

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