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    "Legends Of The Hidden Temple" Is Coming Back, And This Time It's For Adults

    And Olmec is back, too.

    Excellent news, '90s kids: Legends of the Hidden Temple is coming back to your screens, courtesy of Quibi.

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    So let's get into the details of the new series. We can confirm that certain elements from the original show will be back in the reboot, such as the Moat Crossing, the Temple Run...

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    ...and — HECK YEAH — Olmec!

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    Not only are we seeing the return of a wise and beloved talking rock, but this new version will feature *actual grown-ass adults* playing the game.

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    (Quibi says they are casting "superfans" for the show, so keep your eyes peeled for casting opportunities!)

    AND the show will be taken out of the studio and will instead be set in a REAL JUNGLE.

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    So, basically the challenges are about to get 10x more terrifying. I'm in!

    According to Quibi, the show is "scaled up with tougher challenges and bigger prizes on the line," so I expect plenty of blood, sweat, tears from real adults.

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    Oh, and the nostalgia! Blood, sweat, tears...and nostalgia.

    While we don't know the exact date we'll see the return of Legends of the Hidden Temple, it will be exclusively streamed on Quibi, which launches on April 6, 2020.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    I'll be praying to the Silver Monkey gods til then!

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