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    "Lazy Sunday 2"

    Tonight on SNL, we watched Andy Samberg's Digital Shorts end the very same way they began. This time, they aren't seeing The Chronicles Of Narnia, but Sister Act on Broadway instead.

    Tonight's episode is reportedly the last for Samberg, Kristen Wiig and Jason Sudeikis — at least that's been the rumor for some time. (Questlove sent a tweet this evening that confirmed but it has since been deleted). With Andy's departure, this video is all the confirmation we needed that the Digital Shorts will probably be leaving with him.

    To help us through this oh-so hard time, let's collectively enjoy the first "Lazy Sunday", the "first" of many fantastically wacky, ridiculous, and enjoyable Lonely Island-produced Digital Shorts (and no, I don't understand why nobody ever wants to count "Lettuce", as the first one either):

    Speaking of things that make you feel old, the first "Lazy Sunday" was released nearly SEVEN years ago.