Kardashian Barbie Dolls Are Koming Soon

Say it with me: “WHYYYY?” The Huffington Post is reporting that the latest in the Kardashian enterprise is a line of Mattel Barbie dolls.

If it weren’t already January I think it would be appropriate to say “Those damn Kardashians are ruining Christmas!” The rumor hasn’t been confirmed by Mattel just yet so we can safely assume they’ll be released just in time to ruin next Christmas. That said, don’t you think that Bratz would have been a better choice?

Here’s what we imagine the forthcoming travesty to look like:

Kim (with ample behind photoshopped in), Khloe, and Kourtney

Bruce and Kris Jenner

We turned Scott Disick into a Ken doll…

…even though he is already a living, breathing Ken Doll already — as evidenced below:

Via huffingtonpost.com

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