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    Justin Bieber Apologizes For Smoking Weed On SNL, Sort Of

    He did it while playing Miley Cyrus's biggest fan on Saturday Night Live's "Miley Cyrus Show" to which "she" replied, "Yeah, right! Me too!" That clip and other highlights inside.

    Justin Bieber (as Miley's biggest fan, talking about Justin Bieber): I also heard he got busted for weed, and he's really sorry about it, and he's never gonna do it again.

    Miley Cyrus: Yeah, right! Me too!

    So now we know what it would look like if Billy Ray copied Miley's new hair, too.

    Bieber also played a stoner-y type during a "Californians" sketch...

    Where it was decided that he was basically playing Spicoli:

    Which would also explain this happening in another sketch:

    He also played an 11-year-old Danny Zuko,

    A star of a "new" Bravo reality show,

    And an abstinent nerd.

    Did I mention there were Justin Bieber clones?

    Biebs got really sad and emo during his breakup song to Selena Gomez.

    But he made up for it with a Valentine's Day message to his fans:

    Where he sent a surprise to Hillary Clinton's email,

    Made girls scream,

    Rolled some furry dice,

    And, of course, Taco.

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