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Jenny McCarthy Is Engaged To Donnie Wahlberg

That story and more in today's gossip roundup!

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J-WOWW — also known as Jenni Farleyblogged about being six months pregnant and wrote this: "Pregnancy and me don’t mix. I keep saying to myself 'how can women enjoy this shit?!'"


Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas stood next to each other in public.

Rob Kardashian reportedly has checked into a treatment center.

Nobody asked Hayden Panettiere to be in the Heroes reboot.

Anna Paquin will be in the new X-Men movie after all.

Please enjoy this '90s laser portrait of Nick Lachey.

Porsha Williams has been charged with assault.

All the hosts of The View will reunite.

Katy Perry might be dating Diplo.

Prince George remains adorable.