Jeff Lewis And Jenni Pulos Prove How Well They Really Know Each Other

    We put the Flipping Out duo to the test.

    Bravo's Flipping Out is back for a eighth season, and anyone who watches the show can attest to the many life events we've watched Jeff Lewis and his trusty assistant Jenni Pulos go through. They are the Odd Couple of the 21st century. Through babies, fights, divorces, and more home improvement than you could imagine, they've been by each other's sides laughing, crying, or yelling. In honor of the show's new season we brought the dynamic duo into BuzzFeed's New York offices to put their friendship to the test.

    What is Jenni’s favorite song to sing in the car?

    Jeff Lewis: Really?

    Jenny Pulos: Oh, that's nice!

    JL: It's not nice, it's the truth!

    JP: Well, I sing this one a lot, too.

    JP: Jenny has a song called "Poo in the Potty." You can buy it on iTunes.

    JL: You sing that more than I do now.

    JP: We also sing "A Whole New World."

    JL: WE do not sing that song.

    JP: Well, I do. That's true.

    JL: WE do not sing it. Let me clarify.

    Who is Jeff’s favorite Bravolebrity?

    JL: I think we're both gonna get this. We've known him forever.

    JP: He's our boy.

    JL: We went to preschool together pretty much.

    JP: It's true.

    JL: Feels like it! Bravo preschool.

    Who is Jenni’s favorite Real Housewife?

    JL: Well, we know each other pretty well. We've only known each other for, like, 45 years.

    What is Jenni’s favorite emoji?

    JP: Oh no, the milk bottle!

    JL: Oh I thought it was this.

    JP: Milk, milk, milk…

    JL: OK, this one is MY favorite.

    What is Jeff’s favorite curse word?

    JP: No!

    JL: I think I use them both equally.

    JP: No.

    JL: I say "shit" a lot.

    JP: You also say "fuck" a lot.

    JL: I know but I also say "shit" a lot. And I also say "ass" a lot. And "douche."

    JP: You say "douche" a lot recently!

    JL: I do. Remember when we were describing, um, the people at BuzzFeed?

    JP: Douches!

    JL: Just kidding! We love you!

    JP: No douches here!

    JL: We love you guys!

    What’s Jeff’s pet peeve about Jenni?

    JL: Oh this is so easy.

    JP: See, you use that word more! I said always losing things. Which is a really great quality in an assistant, by the way.

    JL: Yeah.

    JL: That's what you wanna hire for.

    JP: And she rambles.

    What’s Jenni’s pet peeve about Jeff?

    JP: Now he's gonna say "because she doesn't get to the effing point!"

    JL: She complains that I don't compliment her enough.

    What is Jenni’s drink of choice?

    JL: Oh, easy.

    JP: Do you like my picture? [To Jeff] Oh that looks nice — you put the olives there!

    What is the one thing Jeff think Jenni needs to throw away?

    JL: Well, she did. And she listened to me.

    What phrase does Jeff overuse the most?

    JL: Oh, I know it. "Write it down!" Right? Oh, I use that a lot, too.

    If Jeff could describe himself in one word, but what it be?

    JP: Yeah, pretty close.

    JL: I was gonna say that!

    If Jenni could describe herself in one word, but what it be?

    JP: Nice.

    What’s Jenni’s favorite aired moment on Flipping Out?

    What’s Jeff’s favorite aired moment on Flipping Out?

    JL: They're all bad moments. Oh, I know it! She tried to kill me.

    JP: Yeah.

    JL: Bad bacon.

    What was the last thing you two argued over?

    JP: Oh! It was just 20 minutes ago.

    JL: I spelled that wrong.

    JP: Just ask me! I was a spelling bee champion.

    Who is the better driver?

    JP: Actually, you know what though….

    JL: I'm such a better driver than you.

    JP: You are really good, actually. I had that thought.

    JL: Sooooo much better than you. I have been driving you around for 15 years.

    JP: And you know what, you're really good.

    JL: Like Driving Miss Daisy.

    Flipping Out airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/8 CT on Bravo.