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Jason Derulo's Opinion On 17 Random Things

The singer and So You Think You Can Dance judge gives us his first reaction to seventeen random phrases.

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You might know Jason Derulo by his name, Jason Derulo. You're probably even singing it to yourself right this second (🎶 Jason Deruuuulooo 🎶.) In 2010 the singer kicked off his career with "Watcha Say," and he's released hit after hit — ever heard of "Talk Dirty" or "Wiggle?" — since then. His latest single "Want To Want Me" is already a contender for song of summer, and "Try Me" Featuring Jennifer Lopez is not far behind. Both songs are on his new album Everything is 4 which is available to buy now. Jason stopped by BuzzFeed to play a game of word association. Here's what went down.


Jason Derulo: Because it's a blue bird.

JD: It's a new chapter in my life.


JD: I got an obsession with sneakers, for sure.

BuzzFeed: Is there a certain pair you're obessed with lately?

JD: No, I don't rock sneakers that many times so I don't allow myself to get that obsessive. But yeah, I just have a lot.

JD: dot dot dot... You fill in the blank.


JD: It's just the funniest shit on the planet. And I don't even take selfies that much. When my fans have selfie sticks I'll just do a whole phototshoot. And they're like $7! They should charge more.

JD: It's the new wave. Get wavy. My handwriting is terrible, I should be a doctor.

JD: I've said it once or twice, and it just seems like I'd never say "K."

So you're anti-"K"?

JD: Unless it's from a woman. Then it's whatever floats your boat.


JD: Ah, turnt.


And make sure to check out Jason's new album Everything Is 4, out now!

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