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13 Ways To Stop Your Glasses From Fogging Up While Wearing A Face Mask

If you've ever wondered how to stop the fog, this is for you.

As a glasses wearer, I have been frustrated for weeks by how easy it is for my glasses to get all foggy so that I can't see when wearing a face mask. So, I asked the brilliant BuzzFeed Community for their tips and tricks for how to avoid it — here's what they suggested!

1. First, make sure your mask is tightly secured around your face, as this will help to prevent fogging.

2. If you have a mask with a wire at the top, bend it along the crease of your nose to prevent air from coming up into your glasses.

3. If you don't have a mask with a wire in it, use a wire-based household item like twist-ties from the grocery store to close the nose gap instead.

4. Wash your glasses with dish soap before you leave the house.

5. Fold a tissue into your mask where the bridge of your nose is. This will help to filter and absorb the moistness of your breath.

6. Or try putting a small piece of paper towel inside the mask.

7. Use tape to secure the mask to your face.

8. If you're having issues with your glasses falling off of your head, place Band-Aids on the back of them — where they rest at your ears.

9. Use a layer of shaving cream on your glasses to prevent fog.

10. Buy an anti-fog spray to spray on your glasses (if you have the money to spend).

11. If you have enough slack between your ears and the mask, try twisting them into an "X" shape before placing them onto your ears. This didn't work with my own mask, but others suggest that it helps the mask stay closer to the skin.

12. When you're breathing, push the air downward as you exhale.

13. If all else fails and you have contact lenses at home, you might want to wear them instead.

Do you have another tip for keeping your glasses clear while wearing a face mask? Leave it in the comments below!