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    How Do You Get Rid Of Glasses Fog While Wearing A Face Mask?

    People with glasses need to know.

    Are you one of the lucky people who need to wear glasses every day like me?

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    Do you also have issues with wearing glasses and a face mask at the same time? It's highly annoying that the simple act of breathing causes our glasses to fog up so that we can't really see anything.

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    It's annoying, but it's super important to keep wearing masks right now!

    I have to ask: do you know of any solutions to de-fogging your glasses while wearing a mask?

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    I've messed with positioning my glasses over and under the mask, but haven't had any success — it just causes them to fall off of my face.

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    Other than wearing my contact lenses — which I really don't want to do, tbh — I'm at a loss at what to do!

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    I bet this woman is texting her friend about how annoying it is wearing glasses and a face mask. It's that bad!

    So, do you have a solution for the bespectacled mask-wearing, types? Please let us know!!!

    Leave your solution in the comments — as detailed as you can — and the best responses will be included in a BuzzFeed Community post or video! You'll be helping millions of glasses-wearers out. :)