Quiz: How Annoying Is The Smith Family To You?

Will, Jada, Trey, Willow, Jaden: there's a lot of Smiths in Hollywood — and a whole lot of potential to make you angry. Take this quiz to see just how aggravated they make you!

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  1. 1. Does this photo of Jaden and Will posing by their own movie poster annoy you?

    Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images
    I can see how this would be annoying.
    Ugh, what smug fucking bastards!
  2. 2. The fact that Will and Jada named their kids after themselves makes you:

    (Will --> Willow, Jada --> Jaden)
    Chris Weeks / Getty Images

    Inspired — hey, maybe I can do the same thing to MY kids!
  3. 3. Why does Jaden look so bored in the front row of this NBA game?

    FameFlynet Pictures
    The game was probably a snooze-fest.
    He had better things to do and more music to record!
    People would literally KILL for front row seats, what a little turd-burger.
    What is the NBA?
  4. 4. What's with Willow's pained, half-smile in this photo?

    Mike Coppola / Getty Images
    She was bored.
    She’s too spoiled to smile.
    She looks embarrassed.
    Because “Madagascar 3” totally sucked, duh!
  5. 5. What are your thoughts on Scientology?

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images
    Scientology, LOL!
    Their religion is none of my business.
    The Smiths are scientologists?!
    Fucking weirdos, all of them.
  6. 6. This photo of Jaden, Jada, and Willow at the 2012 Kids' Choice Awards makes you think:

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images
    "Aw, what a cute family!"
    "What a bunch of try-hards."
    "What's that purple stuff on Willow's finger?"
    "HAHA, look at that cameraman throwing them shade."
  7. 7. What does this photo make you feel inside?

    Getty Images
    Get a room, you guys!
  8. 8. How about this photo?

    Getty Images
    Still dead inside
    Okay, this is a little much
    Wow, again?! TMI, dudes. TMI.
  9. 9. What are your thoughts on this show?

    I used to like it but I'm an adult now.
    It's the greatest '90s sitcom that ever was.
    It's pretty good.
    Never liked it, never will.
  10. 10. What do you think about Willow Smith's music career?

    I like that song "Whip My Hair."
    She's fierce and I love it.
    10 years old is WAY too young to start a music career.
    Willow Smith has a music career?
  11. 11. What are your thoughts on Jaden allegedly dating Kylie Jenner?

    FameFlynet Pictures
    They're dating?!
    Jaden is too young to be dating.
    Jaden should stay as far away from the Kardashians as he can.
    Kylie could do better.
  12. 12. This father/son fist bump feels...

    Chung Sung-Jun / Getty Images
    Ugh, get a room.
  13. 13. How do you feel about "Just The Two Of Us"?

    Great jam.
    A beautiful song about the bond of a family.
    It's a crime how he ruined that Bill Withers song.
    "Daddy loves you, daddy loves you!"
  14. 14. What are you thoughts on Jaden's BFF, Justin Bieber?

    Instagram: @justinbieber
    They're two peas in a pod.
    Justin's a little old to be hanging out with Jaden.
    Their fashion choices are concerning.
    Who cares?
  15. 15. The Smith family is currently valued at $232 million. How does this make you feel?

    Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

    They're a hard-working family, they deserve it!
    That is so disgusting.
    That seems like a lot, but at least it's not, like, a BILLION dollars?
    Hollywood is so fucked.

Quiz: How Annoying Is The Smith Family To You?

You got: You love the Smith family.

You are basically their biggest supporters (and are fully aware that your ranks are shrinking with each and every promotion the family does). It's cool, though, because your pride for the family outshines the haters.

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You got: You tolerate the Smiths.

You don't love them, you don't hate them — and hey, at least they aren't the Kardashians!

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You got: You absolutely LOATHE the Smith family.

The Smith family are the worst and you don't even care who knows it.

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You got: Who are The Smiths?

What is Hollywood? What is a "Will Smith"? Why are you even here?

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