Hoda Kotb Is Now A Mom To Baby Haley Joy


    Hoda Kotb has been known to post an inspirational quote or two to her Instagram account.

    But when she didn't appear on the TODAY show for over a week and was posting ~cryptic messages~, fans started to wonder what was really up.

    Like this one from a week ago.

    And this one from early this morning.

    So in an effort to dispel rumors, Hoda called in to the TODAY Show and set the record straight.

    WATCH: “You were made to be a mom.” @kathielgifford told @hodakotb https://t.co/UJom0hKR2O

    As it turns out, she adopted a baby girl!

    Later on, she sent this sweet tweet:

    Be still my heart. My prayers have been answered #HaleyJoy and as a friend said today-- she is "right on time" ❤

    Congrats, Mama Hoda!