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    Evil Women Are Evil On "The Bachelor"

    Courtney and Blakely are each taking a different approach to becoming the most-hated contestant on this season of "The Bachelor." Courtney -- the model who still thinks it's cool to say "Winning!" -- is taking the "bragging about my date" approach, while Blakely is going for the whole "making out whenever possible" and "slinking around in a bikini all day" approach. It worked.

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    Just handful of the insults uttered about Blakely last night:

    "Blakely is super Fakely!"

    "I think she's a man. She's very horse-y."

    "I was just surprised that a candy-striping hooker was taken seriously enough to be given a rose."

    "We hate you."

    "I can't stand her."

    "Blakely is a slut."

    Now let's not be jealous, ladies!

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    Also last night, we said goodbye to the Jenna Ball Of Tears, the New York City "blogger" who hasn't stopped crying since the show began. Don't worry, Jenna! Surely your dramatic performance on this season of "The Bachelor" will secure you a spot on another reality series, at the very least, the trashiest of trash: "Bachelor Pad."