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"Push Girls": A New Reality Show About Fierce Women In Wheelchairs

The Sundance Channel original reality series premiered last night. Here's everything you missed.

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Now that you've seen the highlights from the season premiere, here's a little more about each of the main stars:

Name: Tiphany

Occupation: Designing a clothing line called “Wheely Famous.”

Fun Fact: Likes both men and women, flirting, partying in the club.

Name: Auti

Occupation: Hip Hop Dancer

Fun Fact: Toured with Easy E and NWA in the early 90s as a back-up dancer.

Name: Angela

Occupation: Former model and actress trying to break back into the business.

Fun Fact: Married to Dustin Nguyen, of 21 Jump Street.

Name: Mia

Occupation: Works at a graphic design and branding firm.

Fun Fact: Only dates "able-bodied men," is currently thinking of dumping her boyfriend to date around more.

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