Dissecting The 2012 VMA Seating Chart

We got a tour of the Staples Center in Los Angeles today and with it, a look at who’s sitting where on Thursday. Here’s which pairings make sense and those that really don’t.

1. Makes sense: Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones, Mac Miller and Childish Gambino

Andrew Gauthier

Not only are they starring in the same movie — Celeste and Jesse Forever — but they will present an award together at the VMA’s this year. The Donald Glover/NBC comedy connection makes perfect sense for him to be sitting close to these two. Also, Mac Miller and Donald Glover appeared on Hip Hop Squares together.

2. Makes no sense: Dwight Howard and Skrillex

Andrew Gauthier

What could these two possibly have to talk about? Also, Emma Watson behind Skrillex? Oooohkay.

3. Makes sense: Rihanna and Katy Perry

Andrew Gauthier

They’re BFF’s, duh!

4. Makes no sense: Miley Cyrus next to A$AP Rocky

Andrew Gauthier

I guess because Miley has an “alternative” haircut?

5. Makes sense: Rebel Wilson next to Tyler The Creator

Andrew Gauthier

Something tells us the two will become fast friends.

6. Makes sense: Nash, Louise Roe, and Chord Overstreet

Andrew Gauthier

Three people I have never heard of before. (Okay, I think the last guy is from Glee?)

7. Makes no sense: Frank Ocean and Green Day

Andrew Gauthier

Green Day shout-scream their punk rock songs while Frank’s crooning is smooth as hell.

8. Makes (almost) no sense: the “Awkward” and “Jersey Shore” casts

Andrew Gauthier

Sure, they’re both MTV shows but they have nothing in common. Plus, one is cancelled and one is not.

9. Makes no sense: Lil Wayne and Taylor Swift

Andrew Gauthier

…But I would love to see her bring Connor Kennedy as her date.

10. Makes sense: Katy Perry and Drake, Demi Lovato and Ke$ha

Whitney Jefferson

They’re all pals, right?

11. Makes no sense: Tyler The Creator seated in front of the Olympic USA gymnastics team

Andrew Gauthier

12. Makes Sense: Andy Samberg and Gotye

Andrew Gauthier

Remember this?

14. Makes no sense: Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin behind Chris Brown

Whitney Jefferson

Watch out, Missy!

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