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    Chloe Fineman's Celebrity Impressions Make Her The Perfect New Hire For "Saturday Night Live"

    Here's why she's about to become your favorite SNL cast member.

    Yesterday, NBC announced the newest additions to the cast of Saturday Night Live: Chloe Fineman, Shane Gillis, and Bowen Yang (the show's first Asian cast member ever) have all been added to the show's cast.

    And if you aren't familiar with Chloe, you will be soon. One glance at her Instagram page shows exactly why SNL was smart to hire her: She does hilarious and spot-on celebrity impressions.

    Chloe Fineman / Via

    To help get you up to speed, here are some of Chloe's impressions that I hope to see on SNL this fall:

    1. Jennifer Lawrence

    2. Maisie Williams:

    3. Gigi Hadid

    4. Drew Barrymore

    5. JoJo Siwa

    6. Natasha Lyonne

    7. Britney Spears

    8. Meryl Streep

    9. Cynthia Nixon

    10. Timothée Chalamet

    11. Busy Philipps

    12. Melania Trump

    13. Ivanka Trump

    14. Frances McDormand

    15. Joyce from Stranger Things

    16. Marianne Williamson

    17. Greta Gerwig

    18. Elizabeth Holmes

    Can't wait to watch Chloe's impressions regularly on Saturday nights!

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