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    The 36 Best Moments From Lindsay Lohan's OWN Series

    Lindsay finished its run last night, possibly for good. Here are all the moments you missed — or maybe need to see again.

    1. The times she filmed herself alone at night.

    2. The times when she got inspirational.

    3. All the times she forgot that cameras were following her.

    4. How every day she's not on a film set she is wasting her talent.

    5. When some serious shade went down right outside of Lindsay's window.

    6. When Lindsay's community service hours produced adorable moments like this.

    7. When Oprah swore:

    8. And swore again.

    9. And even then, Lindsay screwed up.

    10. When Lindsay reminded us that she was robbed by the Bling Ring kids, and also of Alexis Neiers.

    11. When she spilled fake blood all over the wall.

    12. Lindsay's supportive Nana.

    13. When she dissed reality TV despite being on it at the time.

    14. When we found out Lindsay had so much stuff she could almost be considered a hoarder.

    15. I mean...

    16. Lindsay's fashion.

    17. The photo shoots.

    18. When Miley wouldn't visit or tweet at Lindsay before Jingle Ball.

    19. When she announced that she's not Oprah.

    20. When she couldn't contain excitement when her sister walked the runway.

    21. When she unpacked a dress that was just thrown in a box.

    22. This exchange.

    23. The cigarettes.

    24. The many, many cigarettes.

    25. So.

    26. Many.

    27. Cigarettes.

    28. When we found out that she owns a shirt with "Fetch" on it.

    29. And we discovered that Dina Lohan doesn't know what "Fetch" is.

    30. When she got real with her father.

    31. When she cried about her career.

    32. When she felt trapped in her own reality show.

    33. When she spread good vibes around her new apartment.

    34. And then meditated.

    35. Lindsay's new favorite hobby.

    36. The Oprah hand-hug.