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Ask Jessica Alba And Gwyneth Paltrow All Of Your Burning Questions

Submit your questions here!

We love Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba here at BuzzFeed.

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Two flawless legends!

So we were really excited to hear that they're working together on a show called Planet of the Apps...

...AND that they're sitting down with us to answer any and all of your life questions!

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So, dear BuzzFeed community, please ask away!

Do you want to know how Gwyneth keeps it all together while running her GOOP empire?

Or how Jessica maintains such gorgeous flowing locks while running hers?

Maybe you want to know how they manage to balance motherhood with the many other hats they wear each and every day.

Or maybe you just want to know why, exactly, Jessica describes her self as a "weird person."

Tell us more, Jess!

Whatever your question is, we want to know!

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Submit it below and we'll try to get them to answer it for you!