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Anna Faris And Chris Pratt Win "Cutest Couple" At Tonight's Golden Globes

I dare you to disagree after viewing the following photos...

First they graced the red carpet with their adorable selves.

Then they posed for the cameras.


"I think I know that guy!"

"What, bro?"

Then they realized it was getting late.

And it was time to get inside.

But not before a quick photo op with Robert Downey Jr. and his wife!

And a kiss to show everyone on the red carpet who was most in love.

They continued with their adorable couple-ness inside the show.

Where they presented an award together, as one very adorable pairing.

And even though their marriage can be trying...

They reassured everyone that they can make it work.

And then they retreated to the background, but we thought about them for the rest of the night.

And won't soon forget our new relationship goals.