An Abby Lee Miller Reaction For Every Occasion

    Because no human on this planet speaks more truth than this Dance Moms matriarch.

    QUESTION: Who's the one human being with the most relatable advice and best facial expressions in television history?

    ANSWER: The one.

    The only.




    1. When you're playing hard to get:

    2. When a friend checks Instagram while you're in the middle of a conversation:

    3. When a hater is speaking directly to you:

    4. When someone tells you something you don't want to hear:

    5. When you see photos of Michelle Rodriguez kissing Zac Efron:

    6. When you're at a party and discover that all the booze is gone:

    7. When someone near and dear to you makes absolute fool of themselves:

    8. When a friend just broke up with their significant other:

    9. When you've just overheard the most juicy gossip:

    10. When you're about to tell your friends about the juicy gossip you just discovered:

    11. When you're super upset but about to perform:

    12. When someone trips and falls in front of you:

    13. When your favorite song comes on at the bar:

    14. When you notice a group of your coworkers hanging out without you:

    15. When a member of the opposite sex approaches you:

    16. ...but they turn out to be insane:

    17. ...and they can't take a hint:

    18. you have to be blunt:

    19. ...and if they STILL persist:

    20. When you have to loan your friend a scarf:

    21. But then it happens again:

    22. When someone you once declared "dead to me" tries to reconnect online:

    23. When someone suggests that Beyonce overrated:

    24. When someone tells you a really long and boring story:

    25. When one of your friends is straight-up embarrassing themselves at karaoke:

    26. When you can sense that you're about to be yelled at:

    27. When someone is getting on your last nerve:

    28. When you get called out for something at the workplace:

    29. When your bohemian friend decides that they find underwear "too restrictive":

    30. When you arrive home and discover that your roommate at the last of the Chinese food:

    31. When you're late and walking out of your apartment:

    32. When someone takes the last piece of pizza without asking:

    33. When someone's best just isn't enough:

    34. When a coworker has the same idea as you but then executes it poorly:

    35. When you have a 15 minute work break and need to work on your tan:

    36. When someone around you is chewing with their mouth open:

    37. When you find a subtweet about yourself from someone you considered a friend:

    38. When your group of friends are being annoying about trying out a new place you made a reservation at:

    39. When someone else is clearly making moves on your crush:

    40. When someone asks if you got enough sleep last night:

    41. When someone goes on a Facebook friending spree:

    42. When someone just doesn't understand why: