A 10-Year-Old Girl Just Broke The World Weightlifting Record

BRB, gotta get myself to a gym STAT.

10-year-old Naomi Kutin just blew our minds: she just set a new world record for the 97-pound division in the “raw squat” event by lifting 215 pounds. 215 pounds! How much could this girl possibly weigh? That’s some ant-like strength right there.

Even better? The previous record — 209 pounds — was held by a 44-year-old woman. Since Kutin shattered that record at age 10, imagine where she’ll be in 34 years.

We haven’t been able to track down video of her breaking the record just yet, but here she is a year ago squatting 187 pounds at age 9 (equally impressive, I’d say).

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