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How To Host An Amazing Olympics Party

From the food and drinks to the music, atmosphere, and decorations — we've got you covered with these 52 tips!

1. Make edible Olympic torches out of popcorn and ice cream cones

2. Order medals from Etsy to pass out to your guests


You can probably find some at your local consignment store but if not, there's always Etsy.

3. Buy an array of international beers to serve at your party

4. ...or buy all of your beer from the country you're supporting

Via Flickr: lekamendes

It feels like Red Stripe may be a good choice...

5. If you have another TV, set up one of your old Olympic video games for people to play

To play between commercials! My personal favorite was Capcom's Gold Medal Challenge released for Nintendo in 1992 — but I hear there are many more, better games that have been released since.

6. Pour some Olympic shots

Via Flickr: tomtheman5

Seen here are Blue Curacao, Creme de Banane, coffee, Midori, and Aftershock cinnamon liqueur.

7. Order some Royal Jubilee masks

Getty Images

You can order them on for $5 bucks a pop.

8. Dip red strawberries in white chocolate and blue sprinkles or sugar

9. Make the Olympic rings out of balloons


Super cheap and easy to do!

10. Make a mixtape


For before or after the events you're there to watch. It should probably include at least a few of the following:

• "We Are The Champions" by Queen

• "World's Greatest" by R. Kelly

• "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N Roses

• "London Bridge" by Fergie

• "Lose Yourself" by Eminem

• "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor

• "Bugler's Dream" by Leo Arnaud

• "One Shining Moment" by Luther Vandross

• The Jock Jams Megamix're welcome.

11. Use embroidery thread as table decorations

Via Flickr: lizney78

Super cheap!

12. Make a red, white, and blue salad


The red being strawberries, white being feta cheese, and blue blueberries!

13. Put flag toothpicks in your snacks


$4 for 50 on Amazon.

14. Make this ice cream cake with the colors of your choosing

15. Put candy in these DIY Olympic candy jars


Instructions for the easy craft are here.

16. Make your own bedazzled Olympic shirt


DIY instructions here.

17. Order international flag hanging streamers


$1 per streamer at Amazon.

18. Arrange your snacks by color


For this, you need circular cups and food in the colors of the Olympic rings.

19. Class-up Cheetos by turning them into an Olympic torch


Find out how here.

20. Make Macrame Olympic Bracelets


If you're crafty, that is.

21. Make red white and blue sangria

22. Bake this Olympic Rings Fruit Cake

23. Make these fruit pops


These pops are a healthy snack consisting of watermelon, apple, blueberry and a straw! Find out how here.

24. Serve fish and chips


An English staple! Or serve some of the other more common cuisines found in London like Indian food or Shwarma.

25. Go crazy with paper decorations and streamers in your team colors

26. Play the "Beer Olympics" drinking game

And in case it's been awhile, here are the rules. You might want to limit the number of rounds played so that everyone's in good enough shape to actually watch the olympics afterwards.

27. Buy red "white" and blue fruits


And organize them as such!

28. Bake Olympic donuts


Find out how here.

29. Order a batch of professionally-made Olympic cupcakes

30. Bake a blueberry pie if your team colors are blue


If not, improvise! Change the star shape to something related to the country you're rooting for.

31. Bake Olympic Cookies

32. Order sunglasses in the color of your team


These are 42 cents a piece at Party City.

33. Bake gold medal salt cookies

34. Make Olympic ring cockails


All it takes is finding colored candy to put in the bottom of martini glasses that won't change color!

35. Create a layered punch with your team colors


The ingredients used in this punch are cranberry juice, blue gatorade and 7-Up. Instructions here.

36. Make simple Olympic rings for your wall with crepe paper


View a how-to here.

37. Make American flag pops


Vegan and dairy-free! Learn how here.

38. Play Olympics bingo

39. Make these Olympic bagels


Pretty simple to do.

40. Decorate a cake with M&Ms or Smarties

41. Get outside and play a game yourself


Okay, so we don't all have an Olympic-sized swimming pool or tennis court in our backyards. Still, it's worth it to kick around the soccer ball or play a round of volleyball to keep active and burn off the calories you've been ingesting all day watching the Olympics inside!

42. If you have some spare melting beads laying around...

43. Buy plastic beads in every color


That way, everyone can pick their own colors to go along with their team. You can order 144 beads for $18.50 at Amazon.

44. Jazz up a cake with sprinkles in the color of your choice team!


You might have to sort through a regular pack of sprinkles to find the correct combination, though!

45. Make Olympic onion rings

Via Flickr: ayalem

They probably look better than they taste, but it would probably only take a bit of food coloring for each batch of colored rings?

46. Make your watermelon patriotic

47. Make wreaths out of leaves, grass, or anything else green in your backyard

Via Flickr: satellitepartners

All you need is some twine (or scotch tape if you don't mind it looking a bit janky), sticks, and greenery to make it.

48. Put a fake crowd backdrop on your wall


Instant stadium. $16 at Party City.

49. Put mini international flags everywhere


They start at around a buck a piece and cost more as you add quality and increase size.

50. Serve Goldschlager with every gold medal ceremony

I mean, it has bits of REAL GOLD floating around inside of it! It's like drinking 1/100th of a gold medal yourself. Go on, you deserve it.

51. You could always order the "Green Man" suit in the color of your team...

There's even an American flag edition! $60 bucks a pop at Party City.

52. ...and if all else fails, improvise with what you've got.