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29 Questions About This One Photo Of Justin Bieber In The Bathtub

Cool bubble beard, bro.

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1. What in the world is happening here?

2. Is this innocent?

3. Or is this something I shouldn't be looking at?

4. Why is it so dark in this bathroom?

5. Is it even an actual bathroom?

6. Was Terry Richardson somehow involved in the making of this?

7. Why is the bathtub so small?

8. …or is the tub big and Justin Bieber small comparatively?

9. Why are his legs so tiny-looking here?

10. And his knees so knobby?

11. Who wears that much jewelry in the bathtub?

12. Won't the water cause it to rust?

13. …or are Bieber's jewels of the highest caliber and therefore unable to rust?

14. Doesn't this photo seem like it's missing a goblet of wine?

15. …or at least a gigantic blunt hanging from his mouth?

16. Who makes bubble beards as an adult?

17. Actually: who makes bubble beards not at the request of their camera-happy parents?

18. When making a bubble beard, do you also make a bubble mustache?

19. Why is the beard tip so pointy?

20. Doesn't your mouth taste like soap?

21. Does Justin have a bathing suit on underneath those bubbles or are we looking at his birthday suit?

22. What is "Shots"?

23. Is it an Instagram wannabe?

24. Does it allow nudity, unlike Instagram?


26. Who even took this photo?

27. Justin Bieber's mom?

28. Justin Bieber's dad?

29. Selena Gomez?

I hope it was Selena Gomez.

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