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    20 Things Beyoncé Did On Her Summer Vacation

    The Queen B is having the most chill Summer of all.

    1. Hula-hooped.

    2. Rode a bike.

    3. Went grocery shopping.

    4. Chilled with some horses.

    5. Followed her man on his world tour with Kanye West.

    6. Got Blue Ivy a "Watch The Throne" Onsie.

    7. Posed outside of a private jet with her friends.

    8. Twice.

    9. Ate at the Food Shark truck.

    10. Found a Food Shark car.

    11. Spent some quality time on a swing.

    12. Let Jay push her in said swing.

    13. Saw Michelle Williams and (hopefully) discussed a Destiny's Child reunion.

    14. Hung out with her sister, Solange.

    15. Wore some amazing cowboy boots.

    16. Danced her ass off.

    17. Posed with friends in front of some spare tires.

    18. Looked fab at this speaking engagement.

    19. Posed on this chill couch.

    20. Went home.