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    10 Barbies That Are Way Cooler Than The Real Deal

    Okay, maybe "Avatar Barbie" isn't the coolest of the bunch (though James Cameron would surely disagree) but when Barbie channels the likes of Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Warhol, and Piscasso -- you really can't go wrong.

    Artist Jocelyne Grivaud describes the inspiration for the series as such: "Barbie is often criticized as too blonde, too superficial, too skinny, too "great marketing", too this, too that. It is precisely this profile so famous that I wanted it to other iconic images."

    See the rest of the Barbie gallery here.

    1. Warhol Barbie

    2. Bob Dylan Barbie

    3. Otto Dix Barbie

    4. Yellow Submarine Barbie

    5. 1950s Vogue Barbie

    6. Picasso Barbie

    7. Mona Lisa Barbie

    8. Avatar Barbie

    9. Coco Chanel Barbie

    10. The Barbie With The Pearl Earring