The Walmartians Have Attacked Yet Again!

Just when you thought the mega retailer’s patrons couldn’t get any worse…

1. 1.

Is that a Vienna sausage in your pocket, or are you just that happy to be at Walmart?

2. 2.

Sponge Bob Square Back

3. 3.

Poor thing blew the back out of his favorite T.

4. 4.

She gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “junk in the trunk”.

5. 5.

Why? Just why?

6. 6.

Thongs simply should not be manufactured in this size… Or wait… Is that a tattoo?

7. 7.

‘Aww girrrrrl, dem wheels are hot!… But how in the hell are you gonna get out?’

8. 8.

I will never… ever… sit on one of these things again. Lady, where are your britches!

9. 9.

I repeat… I will never… EVER…. sit on one of these things again. Is her exposed lady station sitting on the seat??

10. 10.

I hope so my dear. I really hope so.

11. 11.

This pic is confusing on so many levels. Is she pantless or are those some hideous nude colored leggings? Either way…

12. 12.

What the balls?! What’s the deal with Walmart shoppers and their lack of pants?

13. 13.

I have none.

14. 14. The coolest Walmart shopper ever…

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