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15 Instagrams To Follow If You Actually Like Kids

The ups and downs of parenthood and the true awesomeness of having children was never captured so beautifully. 5 years ago

The Walmartians Have Attacked Yet Again!

Just when you thought the mega retailer's patrons couldn't get any worse... 6 years ago

Dirty Dancing, Dangerous Diapers, and Other 2-year-old Exploits

Video proof that parenting twin 2-year-olds is the most insane thing you could ever do. 6 years ago

A Heartwarming Image That Will Make You Misty

Who knew that 2-year-olds could be so compassionate? 6 years ago

The Absolute Smoothest 'Price Is Right' Contestant Ever - This Dude Is A Straight Pimp

From his smooth stroll up from contestant's row to his pimp pose made to the camera, Kenneth has to be one of the coolest 'Price Is Right' contestants EVER. 7 years ago

Debate Highlights Songified!

Miss the debates last night? Well The Gregroy Brothers have summed things up nicely having given the best parts the "songify" treatment in this awesome musical parody. 7 years ago

Ms. Kentucky 2011... And Friend?

A year later, this image is still haunting her. Gotta love the internet. 7 years ago

13 Insanely Clever Homemade Kid's Halloween Costumes

These crafty parents said "hell naw!" to those store bought getups and made awesome and memorable Halloween costumes of their own. 7 years ago

‘Daddy Dance Fever’: The Hottest Dance Video Ever!

Watch this dope azz dad have a dance off with his adorable twins. 7 years ago

14 Of The Most Awkward Kid Sleeping Positions

For one reason or another kids seem to fall asleep in some of the most awkward positions. Kudos to these parents for recognizing that a good photo op takes precedence over a kid's comfort. 7 years ago

The Perfect Image Of Victory And Defeat

A regular Friday night at my house. The kids rule and there's nothing we can do about it. 7 years ago

10 Of The Most Ridiculous Parenting Products Ever Made

From baby toupees to marionettes, check out these ten ridiculous parenting products that you can actually purchase. Why anyone would want to is beyond us. 7 years ago

'Mommy Has A Migraine' - This Kid Is Awesome

A simple migraine turns into living room craziness when a precocious tot hinders his dad's attempts at laying out a blanket. 7 years ago

The Evolution Of Rihanna [Infographic]

Rihanna lives a crazy rockstar life complete with plenty of men, copious amounts of booz, and endless supplies of ganja. Here's an awesome infographic to help you make sense of it all. 7 years ago