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The Global War On Pizza Crust

A global jihad against pizza crust is sweeping the globe, offering "American" food flavors in unholy communions. Behold the horror!

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Old and busted: Pizza crust.

The new hotness: Pizza crusts as bready platforms for any-and-all "American" and/or local flavors. Now with free mustard*!!

Two/several/many great tastes that taste great together?

Or a horrific omen of impending culinary apocalypse? You decide!

Cheeseburger Crust: Crown Crust Burger Pizza

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Chicken Finger, Mozzarella Stick, and Honey Mustard Crust

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Corn Flakes, Cheese Nuggets, and Jalapeno Cheese Sauce

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Melted Cheese-in-a-Blanket -- with Shrimp (tails included; no extra charge)

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Battered, deep fried shrimp, Fish, Pineapple, and roll-ups filled with "cheezy liquid gold."

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Blobs of spreadable, um, stuff

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Finally, no crust at all: the Fish & Chips Pizza.

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*On the global fascination with "Mustard Sauce" on pizza: I have no idea.

The Global War has now spread to America's shores:

Cheesy Bites Pizza -- now available at your local Pizza Hut, with free marinara dipping sauce or (for $0.50 extra) you can get blue cheese, ranch, or garlic.

Have you tried this? Or any others? What was it like? Any good?

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