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  • Freddie Mercury Has Been Reincarnated

    The band Queen is going to have its 40th anniversary, so a tribute band is holding auditions via YouTube. Of course, the problem with a Queen tribute band is: Who could possibly sing like Freddie Mercury? Arguably, the best singer in rock history? And then Marc Martel posted his audition. As it turns out, it’s pretty easy to perform as Freddie Mercury when you are him, reincarnate. UPDATE: Since this was posted on Buzzfeed, Marc’s video on YouTube went from 1,500 views to nearly 500,000 views — in 24 hours. Congrats, Marc. I think he’s getting the gig.

  • John Belushi and Falling Satellites

    Later this week, NASA predicts that all 1,200 pounds of the UARS, the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, will plunge back to earth. But NASA assures us that they don’t “expect” anyone to be hurt by the falling wreckage, the heaviest pieces of which are made of titanium, stainless steel or beryllium. So, no worries. Just because the sky actually seems to be falling there is no need to panic. Amirite? Here’s the legendary John Belushi doing a weekend update report on Saturday Night Live about a falling satellite, Skylab, that NASA had (also) no idea where it would land. The more NASA changes, the more it stays the same. Bonus: watch for a chilling prediction about the stability of the World Trade Center.

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