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    21 Awesomely Creative Reading Spaces For The Classroom

    Because we all like getting comfy when we read. Check out these amazing (and surprisingly easy!) setups.

    1. The Jungle Hut

    2. Bookcase Without the Shelves

    3. Pirates Read Too

    4. Beanbags Under the Palm Tree

    5. The Magic Teepee

    6. Inflatable Reading Nook

    7. Stars and Moons

    8. Beach Ready

    9. The Great Indoors?

    10. Wagon Ho!

    11. Color Explosion!

    12. Let's Go to the Circus!

    13. The Frog Pond

    14. Garden Luxury

    15. Instant Reading Spaces

    16. Double-Decker Reading Nook

    17. Benched in Blue and Green

    18. It's the Bat Cave!

    19. Library Love

    20. Collapsible Reading Nook

    21. Old Tires, New Reading Space