21 Cozy Makeshift Reading Nooks

Creating the perfect reading space doesn’t require building a window-seat or converting a closet. Sometimes all you need is lots and lots of pillows in your own little corner of the world.

1. Prop up some old tires.

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2. Fill an inflatable pool with pillows.

ID: 1378625

3. Create a two-tier book loft with bookshelves.

ID: 1378629

4. Build an igloo out of milk jugs.

ID: 1379929

5. Make this easy teepee fort for like, no money.

ID: 1397098

6. Build an outdoor reading nook with pallets.

ID: 1397100

7. Place a round canopy over a beanbag.

ID: 1397105

8. Or a cushy blanket.

ID: 1397179

9. Prop up a huge body pillow in the corner of the room.

You can get a similar pillow here for $55.

ID: 1397195

10. Use a deep big shelf that’s big enough to climb into.

ID: 1397197

11. Section an area off with a bookshelf or dresser.

Make sure there’s lots of natural light. Add a giant cushion and VOILA. Instant plot of reading land.

ID: 1397201

12. Toss down some floor cushions.

ID: 1397210

13. Place pillows on a coffee table.

ID: 1398706

14. Utilize the dead space in a stair landing.

ID: 1398716

15. Throw some old sofa cushions on the floor.

ID: 1398742

16. Give the nook a theme, like “camping.”

ID: 1398769

17. This one is “beneath the apple tree.”

ID: 1398936

18. Turn a fireplace into a nook with string lights and pillows.

ID: 1398912

19. Delineate your area with rugs.

ID: 1399108

20. Make a hanging swing chair.


Get the directions here.

ID: 1399137

21. Reuse an old crib mattress.

ID: 1399803

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