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    21 Awesomely Creative Reading Spaces For The Classroom

    Because we all like getting comfy when we read. Check out these amazing (and surprisingly easy!) setups.

    1. The Jungle Hut / Via

    Because reading is always better with a monkey.

    2. Bookcase Without the Shelves

    Anika's Polka Dottery / Via

    3. Pirates Read Too

    ezza505 / Via

    This boat may be the best thing ever.

    4. Beanbags Under the Palm Tree

    Eberharts Explorers / Via

    5. The Magic Teepee

    Pillow Thought / Via

    6. Inflatable Reading Nook

    Pixie Chicks / Via

    Now you have a place to keep that inflatable pool when summer's over.

    7. Stars and Moons

    What Happens In Second Grade / Via

    8. Beach Ready

    Schoolgirl Style / Via

    9. The Great Indoors?

    10. Wagon Ho!

    The Clutter Free Classroom / Via

    A wagon-trail-themed reading area for your little pioneers.

    11. Color Explosion!

    A Cupcake For The Teacher / Via

    12. Let's Go to the Circus!

    YeeHaw! Teaching in Texas / Via

    Repurpose those beach chairs under the big top.

    13. The Frog Pond

    TeachCharlie / Via


    14. Garden Luxury

    Laura Santos, Core Inspiration / Via

    What more could you ask for?

    15. Instant Reading Spaces

    1. Turn chair upside down.

    2. Add pillow.

    3. Read.

    16. Double-Decker Reading Nook

    An old desk repainted and reimagined.

    17. Benched in Blue and Green

    18. It's the Bat Cave!

    Perfect for Gotham.

    19. Library Love

    But what's the penguin doing in the beach chair?

    20. Collapsible Reading Nook

    21. Old Tires, New Reading Space

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