Bob Watts
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    • Bob Watts

      My son was riding in the car with my wife and I to an event and he was extremely quiet even compared to how he usually is. He is very mature for his age, at the point of this story he was 5, and he is always surprising us with how much he knows and some very complex thoughts that you would only expect an adult to have. He suddenly broke his silence asking her “Is it true that we are all going to go to Heaven when we die?” She was shocked, but replied “If you believe in Jesus and except him as your savior and follow his teachings you will go to Heaven.” He just looked at her and said “When do the other people that live with us get to go? They want to.” She asked him “What other people?” since we are the only ones that live in the house and he said, “The ones that were murdered there.” HOLY CRAP! Talk about the hair raising up on the back of your neck. We tried getting more information about the “other people” from him, but the more we asked the more he withdrew into himself and wouldn’t talk about it.

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