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    • violetsemporium

      There is nothing ‘authentic’ about feather boas or dresses above the knee. Both of these things were not common in the 1920s and are product of 70s Hollywood. As are short fringed dresses. There was only 2 years in the 1920s where skirts reached knee level (1926 and 27) before they plunged back down again. And they were never really above the knee by more than an inch during those 2 years. Maybe worn shorter by showgirls and hookers, but not the every day gal. As a fashion historian and vintage clothing collector, I just find the perpetuation of ALL 1920s women as a flappers in fringed, short dresses with feather boas (many young women in the 20s were not flappers) to be very sad indeed. We are losing the REAL history of 1920s fashion to this modern image. Boardwalk Empire is a great example of authentic 20s dress and every day fashion. Sure, evening wear could be amazingly glamorous, but it was not ‘short’ nor always fringed and was only worn for more formal occasions.

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