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The 18 People You Meet Playing Magic: The Gathering

You've tapped a few cards in your day. Here are some characters you've met along the way.

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5. The One Who's Super Into The Mythology

And loves explaining it to everyone who walks by. "You see, we're both mighty wizards called planeswalkers and we're casting spells..." Please just stop.


12. The 3rd person who shows up "Let's just play multiplayer"

One on one is better and that's a fact. Otherwise everyone just waits and pretends they're not a threat until somebody dies. Exceptions: EDH or Two-Headed Giant.


18. The Best Friend

The one you play almost every day. The one that's played all of your decks against all of theirs several times. The one you drive to the Magic store with to find new cards. The one who knows all the house rules (friendly mulligan, then discard down to 6). The reason you still play this game.


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