We Know Your Favorite Food Based On Your Favorite Chrissy Teigen

Because who doesn’t love Chrissy?

    1. Happiest Chrissy
    2. Via Jason Merritt / Getty Images
      Glamorous Chrissy
    3. Food Lover Chrissy
    1. Goddess Chrissy
    2. Via Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
      Femme Fatale Chrissy
    3. Cook Master Chrissy
    1. Dreamy Chrissy
    2. Cute Chrissy
    3. Generous Chrissy
    1. Funny Chrissy
    2. “IDGAF” Chrissy
    3. Party Chrissy
    1. Family Portrait Chrissy
    2. Actual Goddess Chrissy
    3. Fishy Chrissy
    1. Cook Boss Chrissy
    2. Goals Chrissy
    3. Chicken Masseur Chrissy

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