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Do You Remember The Lyrics To "How To Save A Life" By The Fray?

Sing along if you're a Grey's Anatomy fan!

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  1. walk; runs; walk
    talk; walks; talk
    talk; runs; talk
  2. gently; stare
    gently; nod
    politely; stare
  3. window; left
    door; left
    door; away
  4. shame; hate
    fear; blame
    hate; shame
  5. Where; friend
    When; friend
    Why; friend
  6. darkness; all night
    bitterness; all night
    bitterness; my friend
  7. save our lives
    save your life
    save a life
  8. know; know; know
    believe; know; know
    think; know; know
  9. anger; innocence
    offense; defense
    defense; innocence
  10. Lay down; done
    Lay down; wrong
    Write down; wrong
  11. hears; sees
    hears; hears
    sees; hears
  12. raise; lower; choice
    raise; lower; chance
    lower; raise; chance
  13. Run; road; leave
    Drive; road; brake
    Ride; faith; brake
  14. things; admit
    promises; admit
    things; agree
  15. think; best; left
    say; same; came
    say; best; came

Do You Remember The Lyrics To "How To Save A Life" By The Fray?

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