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    18 Trends From The Turn Of The Millennium That You've Already Forgotten About

    Two words: Glitter. Tattoos.

    1. Asymmetric haircuts AND colored streaks, together:

    Twitter: @piscirico9090

    Always together.

    2. Sunglasses with clear lenses, like the ones J.Lo wears in the "Love Don't Cost A Thing" music video:

    Epic / Via

    3. Pants that unzipped into shorts, of course:

    Twitter: @gcesarandrade

    TBH, this technology was ahead of its time.

    4. Flip phones:

    Fox / Via

    Taking selfies was so hard back then!

    5. Lots of acrylic and colored plastic:

    Parlophone / Via

    We thought we were on some Jetsons-type shit, didn't we?

    6. And lots of neon, especially neon green:


    7. And LOTS of silver:

    It made everything feel so tech-y and new:

    8. Tanning beds:


    Why did we do this to ourselves??

    9. Colorful and/or transparent hardware:

    Apple / Via

    So chic.

    10. The possibility of making video calls:

    ABC / Via

    11. Being wowed by that new internet thing:


    12. Nike Shox:

    Nike / Via

    Show of hands if you had these.

    13. Lava lamps:

    Work Group / Via

    Don't lie; this was on your holiday wish list, wasn't it?

    14. Pierced belly buttons:

    Jive Records / Via

    Thanks, Britney.

    15. Inflatable backpacks:

    Amazon / Via

    16. Glitter tattoos:


    Thanks, Xtina.

    17. Henna tattoos:

    Warner Bros. Records / Via

    H/T Madonna.

    18. And of course, literally anything that had to do with The Matrix:

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Honestly? The best part of 1999.

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    This post was translated from Portuguese.