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    25 Super Honest Sex Tips That Women Want You To Know About

    "Stretching in beforehand really helps!"

    BuzzFeed Brazil recently asked female readers on Facebook to share super honest sex advice, and here's what they said:

    Note: Responses have been edited and translated for clarity.

    1. "My sex tip: communicate. Is this OK? Say so! Is it not OK? Just say so. Things can only improve from there." —Bianca

    2. "Foreplay is important. Very important. The more, the better. It may seem obvious, but it isn't to a lot of people." —Juliana

    3. "Stretching in beforehand really helps. I only do so when it's a prearranged fuck, lol. But that way, I can do it before the person arrives." —Desiree

    4. "Don't apply so much pressure to our lady bits with your fingers. It's a pretty sensitive spot, and when you do that, the desire and passion just go away." —Amanda

    5. "During anal sex, positioning really makes it or breaks it for us, you know? Try starting out with him lying on his back, with you sitting on top of him (and that way you control how fast and how much he enters you.) It really makes things easier at the start. And the most important piece of advice, my dears: there's no point in trying to stick it in right away because it just won't go. You gotta work up to it first, get stimulated, especially at the front. MASTURBATING BEFORE ANAL IS EVERYTHING!" —Jéssica

    6. "The best position for anal is on your side. I don't know why, but you feel more relaxed that way. I don't recommend being on all fours or lying face down. Tell him to go slow and be gentle, make sure he's taking it easy on you." —Carol

    7. "Don't twist our damn nipples like they're bottle caps, please and thank you." —Mariana

    8. "Put some passion into your kisses, explore the person's body with your hands, grab their hair, and rub your beard against the back of her neck. Don't be a stiff board who just ain't into it or has no oomph." —Alessy

    9. "There's no point in giving oral if you're not going to pay special attention to the clitoris. Flicking your tongue around frantically is not pleasurable. It doesn't feel good." —Melissa

    10. "A tip for deep throating: keep your tongue at the back of your mouth helps so you don't gag." —Amanda

    11. "Don't just go around slapping your dick in our faces. Some of us hate that. And look into our eyes when you fuck or cum, because oftentimes that connection just isn't there and sex becomes mindless fucking, and a vibrator would do better. And another thing: stop grabbing us by the head while we're giving head. Our heads are not basketballs to be bounced up and down, and besides, it's not like we're gonna run away." —Donana

    12. "Boys, when you cum on somebody's face, please aim and try not to get it in their eyes. Cum in the eye is not satisfying! Thank you, you're welcome." —Karen

    13. "Don't just fuck, then head straight to the bathroom. Sex includes foreplay plus time to bond and connect afterwards. When someone cums then runs to the bathroom to shower, it makes me feel like I'm waiting to be paid or like it's fucking business transaction." —Morgana

    14. "Girls, look at your man when you're giving him oral. Look into his eyes as you lick his cock, and show him just how much you enjoy what you're doing (assuming you do enjoy it, of course)." —Gabrielle

    15. "Boys, if you don't enjoy licking pussy, just don't do it. It's really discouraging to see a guy eating you out when he's clearly bothered by it." —Gabrielle

    16. "Invest in a cock ring or vibrator! And some lube too, sex shops should be your friends!!!!" —Carol

    17. "People, don't shy away from giving his balls some love too eh!? Men love it." —Amanda

    18. "When it comes to oral sex for us ladies, lick all around the area nice and slowly, without touching the clit. Lick down the length of the thigh, kissing and biting, slowly hover over the clit, and proceed to the other thigh. All that foreplay before you pleasure the clit REALLY GETS ME GOING." —Jessica

    19. "Girls, always go pee after sex." —Monise

    20. "Foreplay isn't just about sucking my nipples and sticking your hand in my pants and playing with my pussy. Women have heightened sensitivity, so explore other areas of her body. Ears, neck, belly, back, thighs, feet." —Larissa

    21. "Lick his frenulum, just below the glans, and he'll throb. It also works on the clitoris (massage the tip, it's a loooot more sensitive)." —Clara

    22. "Run your fingers along the opening of her vagina while licking her. Penetration can wait. And girls, do this with yourselves, the opening of the vagina is a sensitive area that you can explore." —Vitória

    23. "Don't say yes to things just to please the other person. If it's not pleasurable, don't be afraid to speak up — ask to change positions, to do it another way, etc.. And men, don't be so overly concerned with just your own pleasure! Stop using 'it's just that you are so amazing, I couldn't help myself' as an excuse." —Elis

    24. "Women, men need to know your bodies, so if you help them along and guide your partner, it will be great for the both of you. It may seem silly, but how many women are actually faking it during sex..." —Cris

    25. "Guys, after you cum, don't go falling asleep on us. For lots of women the first orgasm is just the beginning." —Sabrina

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    This post was translated from Portuguese.