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14 Fashion Brands That Are Actually Both Stylish And Sustainable

You look good, the planet feels good. We all win.

Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

1. MATE the label is all about clean, essential fashion that you'll feel comfy, trendy, and environmentally friendly wearing.

A model wears a cream-colored, vintage, cropped tank-top with matching joggers as she looks down at the camera

2. Tonlé values inclusivity, honesty, and reciprocity — oh, and they create beautiful clothing, too! Their ethical and sustainable lines range from easy, go-to staples to classic pieces.

A model wears a dark blue V-cut wrap dress with a white, line-art cactus leaf print

3. Alternative Apparel offers soft and simple basics that you'll love to lounge in and wear.

A model wears a yellow and white tie-dye, flowing, cropped t-shirt as she looks out from her kitchen

4. Pact creates affordable, organic clothing that is comfy, practical, and easy to wear. They also carry maternity wear, kids' clothes, and bed and bath products. But really, their clothing is so soft that you'll never want to wear anything else.

A model wearing a soft-looking, purple zip-up hoodie with drawstrings next to a model wearing a thinner, flowing brown cardigan over a black tank top

5. Girlfriend Collective is an incredibly inclusive brand that creates sustainable activewear for any and everyone.

6. Arrow + Phoenix makes functional and comfortable swimsuits that are also sexy and supportive. They also carry skincare, home items (like towels, toothbrushes, bowls, and more), and athletic wear.

7. Warp + Weft is a family-owned company that's been creating denim pieces for three decades for adults and children.

A model in black mid-rise skinny jeans styled with a white t-shirt

8. Cariuma designs cool, classic sneakers that are comfortable and durable so you can wear them anywhere and with anything.

9. Hope For Flowers is a brand designed by Tracy Reese (which, ofc, makes this a Black- and woman-owned business!) to use fashion as a way to bring positive change. They create high-quality, modern pieces with unique patterns, prints, and shapes.

10. Ninety Percent is a London-based women's brand that designs luxury, organic basics so that you can build up a collection of timeless staples that lasts a long time and is always in style.

11. Patagonia is a popular outdoor clothing (and gear) brand that makes sure to take care of the environment that their items enable you to explore.

A model wears a quilted pullover with snap-buttons down the collar and a breast pocket

12. Theory's consciously designed Good Collection features sophisticated and contemporary clothes that are comfortable and easy to wear — all while addressing their environmental footprint.

A model wears a square-neck, sleeveless white dress as she sits in brush with an iguana on her lap

13. Allbirds believes in making simple, comfortable, and sustainable shoes that are made by nature and will have you walking on cloud nine.

A model's wears Allbirds on their feet and the shot captures them from the knee down

14. Outerknown aims to create sustainable style that's made well, looks good, and fits well. So you'll feel cozy and trendy in their pieces, whether you're lounging around or on-the-go.

A model wears a green cotton denim jacket with jeans, as she walks her bike on the sidewalk

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