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    26 Products To Help Keep Your Your Relationship With Roommates Peaceful

    Are you imagining it or is "someone" eating your snacks???

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A simple mail organizer and key rack that will finally give you a designated place to leave your roommate's mail — because when you leave it on the table, it just sits there for days (and y'all get a place to hang your keys).

    Bed, Bath and Beyond

    Promising Review: "I bought this for my mom, previously I had gotten one for myself and my adult children for their homes. Perfect post to hang keys as soon as you enter the house and to put outgoing mail. Works much better than just lying on the table." —Chrissie

    Get it from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $8.99.

    2. This minimalist bike rack for your wall so you don't have to keep squeezing past the bike to get through your place — or, it can save you money on bike storage.


    Promising Review: "After three years of my bike taking up floor space in my small apartment bedroom, I’m so glad to have found such a simple, space saving solution. After a week, it seems to still be holding strong and has shown no signs of budging." —brd117

    Get it from Target for $15.79.

    3. A pair of Sony noise-cancelling headphones because they'll drown out your roommate and the all the noise without having to hunker down at a cafe.


    Promising Review: "These are not cheap, but they are so worth it. You can listen to music while hoovering and hear only those sweet, sweet tunes. The sound quality is superb and they are so easy to use. They are also very comfortable to wear. You will absolutely not regret buying these." —ilovemysonyheadphones

    Get it from Target for $299.99.

    4. The almighty TubShroom that will catch all your hair so you don't clog the shower drain — plus, it's easy to clear out, so there's no more blame about whose hair is clogging the drain (esp when y'all have similar looking hair).

    Bed, Bath and Beyond

    Let's be real, it may be you cleaning it out — but, hey, at least it's easier than unclogging the drain while standing ankle-deep in shower water!

    Promising Review: "This is THE BEST hair drain catcher I've ever used, period. End of story. Amazed it even works on my THICK hair (I'm a black girl with natural hair that grows long and sheds a lot). Buy this. Trust me." —Roshini

    Get it from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $12.99 (available in four colors).

    5. This sleek shoe rack so you can stop tripping over your roommate's shoes — instead, they'll be neatly (and easily) organized right by the door.


    Promising Review: "When I arrived at the store, I was originally going to buy one of their more expensive shoe racks, but the stars aligned, and I found this shoe rack instead! I was so happy to find this, and at a much lower price, that I bought two. They are exactly as described, took minutes to assemble, and no tools were needed. They’re light but sturdy once you place shoes on them and can hold a decent amount. I stacked my shoe racks and placed them easily in the entrance closet. Win! I would definitely recommend this shoe rack for anyone looking to save some money on a quality product that can store more shoes at a better price." —Jennifer TX

    Get it from Target for $9.99.

    6. An old-school label maker that will spare you the confusion (or, worse, lies! to! your! face!) because now everything is clearly labelled.


    Promising Review: "I love this label maker. It’s an ideal size to sit on the corner of my desk, ready to use when I need it. It’s easy to use and has lots of decorative options for the labels. I would recommend this item." —Holidatgirl

    Get it from Staples for $24.99.

    7. This sectioned-off shower caddy so that everyone gets enough space for their own shower products — and no one has to end up with the smaller ledge that only holds one bottle.


    Promising Review: "Pleasantly surprised by this caddy. I thought the compartments would be too small but they are surprisingly big. I can fit shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and bath gel in one compartment. The separation in the middle solves my problem of the caddy blocking the shower water. I have the silver one which is closer to satin nickel/champagne color. I have had it for over six months without issue and no rusting. I had soap building up on it for a few months and thought it might strip the finish, but the soap came right off without any damage." —Honey

    Get it from Target for $22 (also available in black).

    8. Or, this portable mesh shower caddy because it lets you easily take all your stuff with you, in case ya can't leave it in the bathroom itself.


    Promising Review: "This bag was great for my dorm. It had many compartments, which made it easy to carry things between the bathroom and my dorm. Then it is easily stored, not as annoying as the hard plastic ones, and has more space to add all toiletries." —Tamz

    Get it from Target for $8 (also available in blue).

    9. A split laundry hamper so you and your roomie can save space but still keep your clothes separate.


    Get it from Target for $29.99.

    10. This uber fun dishwasher magnet that will always let you know whether it's safe to drink from that glass *before* you drink from it — and save you from wasting water running a cycle 'cause you can't tell.

    Target, Genuine Fred

    Promising Review: "Works perfectly for us at home. Can’t tell you how many times we’ve rewashed dishes in the dishwasher because we weren’t sure if they were clean." —Lina

    Get it from Target for $8.

    11. An over-the-door towel rack because it will make sure there's enough space for everyone's towel (aka you won't have keep picking yours up off the floor).


    Promising Review: "This is a lifesaver. It looks exactly the same as in the picture, and it fits on any door. It’s small, doesn’t take up too much room, and hold six towels. They don’t slip off when opening and closing the door." —mcalles

    Get it from Target for $14.99.

    12. A magnetic dry-erase board so you and your roomies can leave each other little reminders and notes — but let's lay off the passive-aggressive questions, Sharon.


    Promising Review: "I like it. I put it on the refrigerator for my roommate and me to better communicate. It does the job." —Anonymous

    Get it from Target for $7.49.

    13. A cute and functional storage ottoman that doubles as seating and a bin, giving you a great place to toss all the blankets you're too lazy to fold away.


    Promising Review: "The perfect size for what I wanted. It arrived in perfect condition. Not too heavy, not too light, but just right. Great for storing blankets and pillows out of sight while I use it as a footstool. For the price, this is a super buy." —Tank2017

    Get it from Target for $49.99.

    14. This reversible shower curtain with mesh pockets because it will give you extra storage — you can even stick a speaker or phone in it (in a waterproof case, ofc) so you don't have to blast your music like it's a club.

    Bed, Bath and Beyond

    Promising Review: "We have this shower curtain liner/organizer in three showers. We love that the storage net drain and store our needs. They are strong. If I want to, I can wash it in the washing machine or spray it clean." —Lids

    Get it from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $19.99.

    15. A lil' basic dish rack with a utensil tray to help clear the little counter and cabinet space left for the rest of ya.

    Promising Review: "I was about to give up on finding a dish rack for a super small space when I came across this lil' guy. I'm so glad I got it! It's a little wobbly if you put dishes on one end and not the other, or if there's only silverware in it, but that's to be expected. I'm so grateful for this tiny dish rack." —Katy

    Get it from Target for $9.99.

    16. This cabinet caddy for hair tools and bathroom products so you don't hog the already limited sink counter but can still easily access your beloved hair dryer.


    Get it from Target for $15.

    17. The Tody app, which will help you manage your chores and figure out what really needs to get done when — so you don't have to stress or annoy your roommates.

    Tody / Via

    Promising Review: "This makes sure my husband and I don’t skip the 'hard to see' or more difficult chores. It tracks how long it’s been since each chores and prioritizes the 'dirtiest' based on frequency. We also chose to have it rotate each chore between us back and forth (although it’s very flexible, and you can use it how you like). Just the easy, no-maintenance-needed chore app I was looking for. Just set your preferred frequencies and needed chores for your household and then follow it. Comes helpfully pre-loaded with the most common tasks (and common frequencies for each) that you can select from for easy setup — plus as many make-your-owns as you like." —Redhilz

    Download the iOS version from the App Store for $6.99, or the Android version from Google Play for free (with in-app purchases).

    18. This utility rack so you can stop aggressively shoving all your cleaning supplies in one closet or cabinet and keep them organized — making it much easier to just grab the Swiffer when ya need it without spending 10 minutes trying to Jenga it out.


    Get it from Target for $8.99.

    19. A convenient hand vac because it'll give your roommate absolutely no excuse for the crumbs they keep leaving on the couch. (Seriously, whose dry cereal is this?)


    Or, at the very least, it would let you clean those crumbs off yourself, so you can sit down in peace.

    Promising Review: "I haven’t had a hand vacuum in many years. I hated getting the vacuum out everyday so I thought I would try it. I love this vacuum. I’m so impressed with the power. I have two kittens, and the cat hair is everywhere. I didn’t think much about the brush attachment, but I tried it for picking up the cat hair on my furniture and on my rugs and was shocked how effective it was. This vacuum saves me a lot of time — love it!!" —Palmbeach

    Get it from Target for $39.99.

    20. This genius outlet shelf that gives you six outlets, two USB ports, AND an actual SHELF so you can stick your electric toothbrush up there — or even your phone or your speaker. Counter space and outlet maximized.


    Get it from Target for $24.99.

    21. These see-through food storage containers so you can keep non-refrigerated stuff safely and neatly in your room, because you are *not* imagining it, your roommate is definitely skimming your snacks. Less dramatically, they're easy to stack to help y'all save space without becoming disorganized!

    Bed, Bath and Beyond

    These containers are air-tight, so your food will last longer, too! Pro tip: To lock or unlock them, you press a button on the lid.

    Promising Review: "I use these containers to store all my kitchen staples. They stack vertically and make good economy of shelf space with smaller footprint than most systems." —Doris

    Get them from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $5.99+.

    22. Some flexible foam earplugs because they'll let you finally get some sleep — you may not be able to get your roommate to quiet down, but you can at least block them out!


    Promising Review: "I was pretty skeptical on buying these, and I have really small ears so I thought it would be painful, but I was wrong! These don’t hurt and are really easy to use! I can’t hear my boyfriend snoring through them, but I can hear my alarm in the morning!" —EmpressKey

    Get 12 pairs and a carrying case from Target for $3.49.

    23. And a soothing white noise machine with 16 options that will help drown out any background noise and turn your room into a calming environment.

    Bed, Bath and Beyond

    Promising Review: "Can’t say enough good things about this little thing! I have what may be the world's worst neighbors at the moment. They are loud and noisy 24/7. After hearing about this sound machine, I had to get one and, man, am I glad I did! It’s the only thing so far that drowns out all the outside noise so my husband and I can get a good night's sleep again. I also like that this one has 16 different sound settings, so you’re sure to find something you love to listen to!" —Amber26

    Get it from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $39.99.

    24. Some stick-on bumpers because they'll help you tolerate that roommate who always slams the cabinets — but, arguably, is still better than the one who just never closes the cabinets at all. (WHY?!)


    Promising Review: "They really have helped out with the noise factor associated with my cabinets! The bumpers stick to the surface of my cabinets very well, and I don't fear them falling off. They certainly cut down on the banging that has been irritating me for years. I can say that this product performs as I would expect it to and would be well worth purchasing." —hoselizard

    Get a pack of 20 from Target for $3.99.

    25. A wall hook rack for coats and bags because it's hard to sit on the couch when your roommate decides to toss their jackets and tote on it.


    Promising Review: "We have owned this for over two years, hanging heavy school backpacks and tons of jackets. It has held up very well and still looks brand new." —grace2272

    Get it from Target for $27.

    26. And finally, this Splitwise app that helps you split all your bills and keep track of your expenses — so no one can be "surprised" when the rent or internet bill is due... on the same exact date it's due every month.


    Splitwise tallies all expenses and lets you know who owes who what at the end of each month, helping you and your roomies track everything from utilities to takeout.

    Promising Review: "So amazing to have this app, manage balances, and help keep money out of relationships. Love it!" —Haseena C

    Download it from the Splitwise site for free.

    No more passive-aggressive questions at your place again!

    Tornante Television, Boxer vs. Raptor, ShadowMachine / Via

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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