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    27 Products That'll Help Eliminate The Evidence Of Whoever Lived In Your Home Before You

    We're talking everything from cosmetic touch-ups for that outdated backsplash to cleaning solutions for years of neglected buildup.

    1. A power scrubber drill with three attachment brushes for some heavy duty cleaning because you know that bathroom and kitchen scum was not there when the place was built.

    2. This nontoxic stain remover spray because your landlord won't replace the carpets and you know you can do better than mystery spots.

    A round dark stain on a beige carpet before using the spray, then the same carpet with out and stain after using the spray

    3. A plant-based stainless-steel cleaner and polish spray (complete with a microfiber cloth) so you can fix up and polish your oven, fridge, dishwasher, or microwave — bc it's not like they need replacing — and make them feel ~brand new~!

    4. This rust remover spray that will get rid of those hard water stains that the person you're subleasing from insists are "clean" and just "won't go away," even though we all know the shower is not supposed to be orange.

    5. A fume-free oven cleaner because you know your oven should not be smoking every time you use it, and there has to be something old burning in the back.

    6. This lemony-fresh garbage disposal cleaner that will clear up all the gunk that's been building up and causing that unnatural stank, so you can use your sink without cursing the person (animal?) who lived there before you.

    7. A grout pen so you don't have to stare at the stained grout and imagine what it used to look like. Instead, you can pretend it's been replaced just for you! (It's also super satisfying.)

    8. These dishwasher cleaning tablets for all that build up that the previous owners never bothered to clean. I mean, how could they ignore the smell and perpetually dirty dishes?

    9. An angry microwave mama who gets so enraged at your filthy microwave that she steams up and loosens the stains. All you do is add some water and vinegar to the fill line, pop her in the microwave for seven minutes, and then (easily) wipe away the crud!

    10. This nonscratch cooktop cleaner, cleaning pad, and scraper so you can finally get rid of those nasty burn marks and all the gunk that's burnt onto it. Because it's nice to have appliances included but not so nice when they look like they'll infect your food.

    A scratched-looking, grime-covered stove top with buildup before using the product, then a completely clear and reflective stove top after using the product

    11. An all-in-one hole patching tool that will fill in those holes that the previous tenant left behind for ya, without needing to wait for your landlord. Plus, you could use this so you're not that tenant *and* maybe get your security deposit back in full!

    12. This roll of waterproof screen repair tape for all of those tears in your screen that you didn't notice during your walkthrough in a matter of seconds. Congrats, no more bugs flying in!

    13. A wood restorer that will get rid of any blemishes in your wooden finishes (@ those old floors and cabinets) and restore their original color and luster — all without removing the existing finish! Also great if your furniture got banged up during the move, and you're tryna forget that shoddy moving company your friend recommended.

    14. This waterproof, heat-resistant peel-and-stick wall tile so that you can say goodbye to that outdated backsplash from the '80s. This basically covers it right up, so you don't even need to worry about grout or glue!

    15. And, some peel-and-stick decorative wallpaper so you can give your walls a face lift with minimal effort! You can stick this in any room and on multiple surfaces, like a wall or countertop or even the floor.

    16. A countertop paint kit that will upgrade your outdated countertops and make them look like natural granite for a fraction of the price!

    17. Some satin nickel drawer handles (10, to be exact) to easily spruce up your current cabinets and drawers without having to replace them! It's all in the details, ya know.

    18. Or, these sleek stainless-steel bar handle pulls (another pack of 10!) so you can ditch those '90s-styled handles and welcome your cabinets to the current decade.

    On the left: a double cabinet with the bar handle on the left door and the original handle on the right door. On the right: a master bathroom with white cabinets and drawers that all have the bar handles

    19. A roll (or two or three) of contact paper that you can cover your current bathroom or kitchen countertops with to make them look chic and new, without having to rip 'em out!

    20. A fancy, spa-like dual-spray shower head so you can replace that old scummy one and finally feel clean. And yes, you can have both shower heads spraying at the same time!

    21. This set of 50 wood fillers that will fix up and chips, cracks, dents, or even pet marks left from the guy before ya!

    22. A quart of front door paint because you're not sure who picked out the front door color or why — but you know it's gotta go.

    A reviewer's front door was originally brown, then they used the paint to make the door frame white and the door itself gray

    23. This tub and tile refinishing kit that will update and renew your bathroom with a two-part epoxy acrylic formula, as if a professional redid your porcelain (or ceramic) tiles!

    24. An incredible brick staining kit so you can update your fireplace without ripping the whole mantle out — or even fix up some patchy-lookin' bricks on the front of your new place! It's meant for porous masonry (aka brick, stone, block, or mortar), so you don't have to worry about it blistering, cracking, or peeling.

    25. Or, if you like the original color of your fireplace but can't see it thanks to the soot stains, a fireplace cleaner kit that will get rid of germs and odor and leave your fireplace lookin' brand new!

    26. A miracle-working carpet shampooer to so, so deeply clean your stained carpet and you might just discover what its original color was! But seriously, this lightweight cleaner uses a power spin brush to *powerfully* clean your carpet and its HeatForce to make sure it dries quickly!

    27. And finally, a nice area rug that'll add a bit of your own flair to the place and keep your mind off of whatever may be underneath!

    A bohemian, somewhat paisley patterned rug that is blue and white in a living room

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