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    "When Asked Where They're From, Americans Reply With A State Or City Instead Of Country": Non-Americans Are Revealing Uniquely American Norms

    "When asked where they're from, Americans reply with either a state or city instead of their country. For example, you don't often see an Indonesian person say they're from West Java, just that they're from Indonesia."

    As the US passes its 246th Independence Day, it's a good time to reflect on that stereotype that Americans tend to be unaware of the rest of the world — or more specifically, in today's case, unaware of American social norms that are unique to the US.

    Fireworks explode next to the Empire State Building on the first of six nights of the Macy's Fourth of July fireworks shows in New York City as seen from Jersey City, New Jersey

    So, to help Americans become more — let's say — "worldly," here are things that non-Americans have pointed out as particularly American (in response to u/Professional-Ad-2850's question, "What's an incredibly American thing Americans don't realize is American?"), as well as some American takes on how they figured these out while abroad or why they're so normal in the US:

    1. "Drinks with ice."

    2. "Ranch [dressing]."

    3. "American here. When I studied abroad, I was smiling and friendly to strangers. In London, they looked like I wanted to steal something from them!"

    4. "Free refills at restaurants."

    someone filling their cup from drink machine

    5. "Handing your credit card to a stranger, having them walk away, swipe it, and then bring it back to like they didn't just put a down payment on a new house with it…"

    close up of a server handing over a check book

    6. "Drive-thru ATMs and drive-thru everything else."

    drive thru atm at wells fargo

    7. "Prescription drug commercials."

    8. "The cult of high school or college sports."

    basketball game

    9. "When you ask Americans where they're from, they reply with either a state or city instead of their country. It doesn't cause any confusion since most people know most American states and major cities. For example, you don't often see an Indonesian person say they're from West Java — just that they're from Indonesia."

    a bridge in the city

    10. "I find that Americans often include where they were born. For example, 'I'm from Philly but originally from Jersey.' I understand that the US is big and has many different regions. However, I'm Canadian and find that Canadians typically don't answer that way, despite Canada being very large."

    city view with tall buildings and statues

    11. "Daily driving pickup trucks."

    pickup trucks in traffic

    12. "Not including tax on prices displayed in stores."

    13. "Paying $10,000 for a live birth and thinking that's okay."

    14. "Air conditioning. I'm very surprised no one has said this yet. It's not that other countries don't have heating and AC, they do. However, American use of them, especially during the summer, is astronomically high."

    AC units outside a home

    15. "Pledging allegiance to the flag, or singing the national anthem outside of special events. I went to see a kids' talent show in a small rural town with around eight acts, and the 30 people watching all stood, pledged allegiance to the flag, and sang the national anthem before hand. It was extremely strange."

    a huge flag on a baseball field

    16. "Making pancakes from the box."

    boxes of pancake mix on the shelf

    17. "Not owning a passport. I don't know if that is a myth, but I hear that a huge percentage of Americans have never been out of the country and don't even have a passport. I understand that the US is huge, with a massive range of landscapes and climate, but it still seems a little odd to me."

    close up of someone holding a passport

    18. "Not having to ask for the bill."

    people eating outside of a restaurant

    19. "While I admit the Brits are pretty close with their full English breakfast, the American greasy diner breakfast of eggs, bacon, waffles or pancakes, and hash browns is pretty uniquely American. My Italian mother has said in the past that it's the only thing she's enjoyed about American food culture. My nonna would be horrified if she heard we were eating fried eggs for breakfast."

    waffle house

    20. "Giving tips at restaurants and even for barbers, food delivery services, massages, etc."

    a few dollars and coins left on the table as a tip

    21. "Driving everywhere. Americans drive a lot, far more than residents in most other countries."

    traffic on a highway

    If you're American, how did these resonate with you? Were you aware that these were "American things," or were you surprised? If you're not American, let us know what else we missed. Share in the comments below!