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    23 Hair Accessories That Will Keep Your Hair Out Of Your Face

    Don't you hate when there's hair in your mouth but you can't tell from which direction?

    1. This lovely Lana silk scarf scrunchie to give you all the elegance of a flowing pony tail or bun scarf — without having to actually tie it. Seriously, I can never center it properly. Scrunchies, FTW.

    2. A throwback 12-piece vintage butterfly hair clip set so you can relive your 90s childhood — but this time, with some more coordination and style.

    3. These iconic personalized rhinestone hair clips that will give you bo$$ vibes no matter what you personalize them to say! You don't even have to style your hair, just slide these onto your head and you're done.

    Personalized rhinestone clips organized into group of black, silver, and gold. Clips read different words, such as, "savage," "melanin," and "blessed"

    4. This ingenious six-piece no-crease hair clip set so you can wear to hold your hair back for the day or just as ya get ready — AND they leave no creases!!! So no need to smooth out the kinks or redo your bangs! Talk about genius.

    5. A set of four classic large clips for those days you wanna put your hair up but not deal with hair ties ('cause they're tight, leave dents in your hair, and just have a different vibe).

    6. This 60-piece velvet scrunchies pack because... well, it doesn't get better than this. You'll have a scrunchie ready for any and every lewk and 'fit without having to constantly rewear some. I mean, you could wear a different scrunchie every day for two months straight. Need I say more??

    7. An Afrocentric-inspired Malaika bow head band with Ankara prints that will stylishly keep your hair out of your face whether you're doing your makeup or headed for the gym and double as a cute statement piece!

    8. A set of three minimalist frame hair claws because they're way chicer than your typical drugstore plastic clip and a gazillion times as sturdy. Really, they're made of metal, so no need to dread the teeth snapping off.

    9. Or, this really cool set of two resin hair clips that will give your regular clip a dreamy update, perf for twisting your hair up and giving it some flair.

    Numerous resin hair clips in different shapes and colors lay on a table. The resin is translucent and the clips are essentially thick frames as the middle is cut out

    10. A stretchy head wrap for when you're trying to protect your hair or just don't feel like doing it (or when it just fights you back — your arms only have so much strength). Better yet, you can tie it in so many different styles!

    11. This opulent (yeah, I said opulent) three-piece shimmer bow scarf set because sometimes the drapey scarf can be too much — but these give you the smart and shorter version for the same touch of elegance without overpowering your 'do.

    12. A four-pack of twist headbands in different prints or colors that will keep all of your hair back with a boho chic vibe. Plus, they're super soft so you won't have to worry about those darn headaches.

    13. An eight-piece beaded bobby pin set or two-piece turquoise gemstone bobby pin set so you can hold down flyaways or hold hair back, all while add an earthy and vibrant touch to your hair. You'll definitely be getting compliments on these colors!

    14. These three adjustable ponytail holders with charms because they'll gently but securely hold your hair and give you a polished, accessorized look!

    15. This geometric block hair claw for an eye-catching and modern take on your classic claw. They're just so pretty, you don't even have to match them if you use two.

    Eight hair claws shaped like rectangular blocks with rectangular cut outs, so you can see through the clip, lay on a table in various colors

    16. A 20-piece set of hair clips because it includes every trendy clip you've been wanting to try. Plus, you can mix and match them to give your hair a lot of hold and a lot of creative charm.

    17. This leather hair stick barrette for a refined and graceful way to cap your bun or knot without a clip or tie!

    18. A 12-piece set of large pearl hair clips so you can add an elegant touch to your hairstyle while holding back any loose strands or flyaways!

    19. This delightful three-pack of metallic shape hair pins that will slide right into your hair and add an immediately striking accent. Plus, since they're gold, they'll match most outfits.

    Three metallix hair pins with minimalistic geometric shapes on top, like squiggly lines, pinched ellipses, and circles

    20. An 30-piece resin and acrylic hair clip set for holding back your hair with an elegant but still casual accessory. Depending on your hair and 'fit, you can dress these up or down!

    21. This vintage 30-piece mini flower hair clip set that will basically give you the brighter, floral version of our fave 90s butterfly clips.

    22. A 70-pack of black hair elastics because sometimes you just gotta keep it simple, and there's nothing like a good ol' fashioned hair tie.

    A hand holds a pack of 70 black hair elastics in a plastic baggie

    23. And finally, this pretty three-pack of pearl-beaded, velvet knot headbands so you can softly elevate any look — you can throw it on with your hair down or over a messy bun, or you can style your hair and add it as a finishing piece! Either way, you won't have to worry about your hair poking you in the eyes or getting stuck on your mouth!

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