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15 Dumbfoundead Tweets To Make You Exhale Through Your Nose

Wait till you see his bath bomb.

At this point, we should all know Dumbfoundead. But in case ya don't, he's an American rapper and actor. This is him:

And, beyond being an incredible artist, he's actually pretty funny (though, some would say comedy is also an art). He even performed at the Ice House Comedy Club.

You can catch him on Twitter, Spotify, his Instagram account (where he rounds up his "ran-dumb tweets of the week"), and his podcast Fun With Dumb. Soon, you'll even be able to catch him on Peacock, where he'll be starring in his own comedy show, Big Dummie.

So to give you a peek, here are some of his funniest tweets:


Found an ABGs eyelash at the crib, now I’m searching the city for my Cinderella


Ordered Popeyes on postmates and my driver just called me and said “this shit too crazy in here dawg”

(Throwback to when Popeyes released the chicken sandwich.)


My mom didn’t teach me how to cook but i didn’t teach her the internet so we even


Whoever said watching K-dramas helps you learn Korean is full of shit, although i am learning how to love 🥺


Told my mom I’m heading to the Pornhub awards and she said “good luck hope you win!”


Real Gs move in silence like Nguyen


Quarantine was lowkey a blessing for me i needed to be adult grounded so bad



Why must all Korean soups be presented in magma hot bowls that won’t cool down for 300 years


call me kimchi cause I’m getting better with age! 🤠


My ex told me to delete her number but has no idea I’ve been putting it in to save money at Ralph’s 🤫


If i see you with a clean fade i will be reporting you to the CDC


counting my blessings, I’m healthy and have both my feet, to sell feet pics if things get really bad


Muhfuckas be racist to Asians then go home to watch Naruto


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