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    10 Quick Stretches For Anyone Who Sits In A Chair Most Of The Day

    Your stiff muscles after stretching: "Aaaaah." And doing all 10 takes less than seven minutes.

    1. An almost-total-body Forward Fold Stretch because your spine and legs are getting really cramped from the nonstop sitting.

    2. A blessed Levator Scapulae Stretch for your stiff neck and tense shoulders thanks to your admittedly less-than-stellar posture.

    3. This straightforward Glute Bridge Stretch that can really help you with that achey lower back.

    4. A dynamic Arm Circle Stretch to help loosen your shoulders and increase the circulation in your arms after resting them on your desk all day.

    5. The casual Seated Pigeon Stretch for a subtle way to stretch your hips, butt, and thighs when you're uncomfortable in your (potentially make-shift) office chair.

    6. A simple but effective Cross Body Shoulder Stretch because your shoulders are screaming after being in keyboard-position for hours on end.

    7. The satisfying Seated Spinal Twist Stretch for when you have that "I need to crack my back or else" feeling.

    8. A mind-blowing (but not back-blowing-out) Sphinx Stretch that will make your lower back thank you for a backbend that doesn't throw out your back.

    9. This desk-friendly Eagle Arm Stretch so you can loosen up your shoulders and remember what if feels like to move.

    10. A feel-good Reverse Shoulder Stretch that will open up your chest and shoulders while also helping your upper back, and make you let out a sigh of relief.

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    You, doing all of these stretches between work: