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This Swedish Fake Tan Company Is Being Accused Of Promoting Blackface

A spokesperson for Emmaatan told BuzzFeed News via email that they were unaware of any controversy surrounding the product.

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Recently, social media users stumbled across a photo of a model wearing a tone called "Dark Ash". The photo quickly went viral.

They wilding at the tanning salons


As the photos spread across the internet, the reactions were pretty split between confusion, disbelief, and outrage.

@GirlxBye what about their face? They just gone use a foundation 14 shades darker or?

Before I read the tweet I thought the on on the left was a black person oh my god

This is so wrong and so disturbing on so many levels what the hell

@GirlxBye why they out here lookin like this


@GirlxBye THIS IS FUCKED UP ?????!!!!

okay but this is essentially blackface???

Can we talk about this disgusting, racist bullshit account and product?! emmaatan_

look @ what kylie jenner is making these white girls do.. this is literally so sad+disgusting


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